Lee County Youth Council Promotes Red Ribbon Week

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The Lee County Youth Council sponsored two separate projects during Red Ribbon Week (RRW).  RRW is a week designed to bring communities together to take a visible stand against substance abuse and to bring our country towards a DRUG FREE AMERICA.

Members of the youth council visited all six health classes at Lee County Middle School sharing with them the dangers of abusing alcohol and prescription drugs.  Council members Reagan Johnson, Enji Mun, Sarybet Gonzalez, Sydney Blackburn, Onyi Ohamadike and Chelsey Shirley, Akin Ojemakinde, Turner Hitt, Zack Leedy and Jaymin Patel presented.  These students did a great job, sharing from the PowerPoint they created with facts and statistics, but also sharing from their hearts and their own stories of how the abuse of drugs and alcohol has affected them and their families.

October 26 was Grim Reaper Day at Lee County High School. This project was designed and implemented by members of the youth council to bring awareness to the students at LCHS that none of them are immune from being touched by the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Five students and one administrator were “reaped” by the Grim Reaper throughout the school day.  Each victim lost their life through the dangerous effect of drugs and/or alcohol.  At the end of the school day, a video, filmed and produced by Senior Youth Council Member Jonathan Lyons, was shown school-wide. This video allowed each victim to tell the story of how they died.  Even though these victims did not really die; the video shared photos of real people who have died from drug and alcohol related causes.  The purpose of the video was to share with the students at LCHS anyone can be a victim at any given moment in their life.  Students were urged to talk with their school counselor if they felt they were struggling with drugs and/or alcohol and they were given a toll-free hotline to call.

The Lee County Youth Council is a club sponsored by Lee County Family Connection and exists to provide positive school and community involvement for youth.  The council seeks to address the problems of substance abuse, teen pregnancy and character education.